Valdespino A.R., Jerez, Spain - 118 labels

Beautiful labels - one of the most famous producer in Spain.

Amontillado Macharnudo - Colmado Pelayo, Barcelona
Amontillado Carta blanca
Moscatel Especial para el Grand restaurant de Francia
Oporto la Perla
Sherry Valdespino
Manzanilla Fina, Sanlucar de Barrameda
AMONTILLADO S.S.S - One of the most beautifull label, I ever saw...
Printed by a french print-company WETTERWALD Imprimerie, Paris. Also other beautifull old spanish labels have been printed in France, example in a print-company Pichot, Paris.
The Amontillado is as nice, as I decided to show several more zoomed views - see the next pictures.
Amontillado SSS (the previous label), zoomed view of the top of label, with two "chicks" and many details, made perfectly ...
AMONTILLADO SSS - another detail of that gorgeous label. Every single grape-ball, every line and point is made in 100% quality.
The back-side of the AMONTILLADO SSS with a plenty of embossings...
Carta Azul, Macharnudo
Duoro Port direct von Oporto.
Extra vieux
Fino Continental
Jerez Cream, unique golden sherry
La Flamenca Manzanilla
La Mascota
La Union Vinícola, Madrid
Manzanilla, la especial
Manzanilla (red cross)
Oloroso Superior
Oporto, Jerez-Londres
Patria, Grand cognac espaňol
Vino Rancio Especial
Sherry Valdespino (blue)
Sherry Valdespino (pink)
Sherry Valdespino (yellow)
Sin Rival
Sobrino de Guinea, Carretas 27y29
Vino de Pasas