Schloß Eltz, Eltville am Rhein - 97 labels

The german original name "Gräflich Eltz'sche Güterverwaltung".
Do you know something about that wine producer?

1915 Eltviller Klümbchen, Beeren-Auslese (Selection of berries).
1952 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling
1952 Kiedricher Sandgrub, Riesling
1976 Kiedricher Sandgrub, Riesling Spätlese
1952 Rauenthaler Baiken, Riesling
1952 Rauenthaler Hilbitzberg, Riesling
1958 Kiedricher Sandgrub, Riesling
1961 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling
1961 Rauenthaler Rothenberg, Riesling
1961 Rauenthaler Wieshell Blümchen, Riesling Spätlese
1964 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling Spätlese.
The wine comes from 1964, the vineyard "Sonnenberg" (the Sunhill) in the village Eltville in Rheingau region.
The quality of that natural white wine is Late harvest, wine variety Riesling.
1964 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling Beerenauslese.
This is a white wine of a very high quality - "Selection of the berries" with a high content of a natural grape-sugar.
1964 Kiedricher Sandgrub, Riesling.
The word "Cabinegt" means this is an archive-wine.
1964 Rauenthaler Baiken, Riesling Auslese (wine quality "Selection of the grapes").
1964 Rauenthaler Baiken, Riesling Auslese.
A second, different version of the previous label.
1964 Rauenthaler Gehrn, Riesling Auslese
1966 Rauenthaler Baiken, Riesling feine Spätlese.
The delicious white wine of a quality "Late harvest".
1966 Rauenthaler Gehrn, Riesling Spätlese.
An archive wine.
1969 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling feine Spätlese
1969 Eltviller Kalbspflicht, Riesling
1969 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling
1969 Rauenthaler Wiesshell, Riesling Spätlese
1970 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling.
Aged in the barrel nr.330.
1970 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling.
Aged in a barrel no.385.
1970 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling Spätlese
1970 Kiedricher Sandgrub, Riesling.
A new label layout?
1972 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling
1972 Rauenthaler Baiken, Riesling Kabinett.
The word "Kabinett" here means the quality of that white natural wine - a different is "Cabinet", which means an archive wine..
1973 Eltviller Langenstück, Riesling Kabinett
1973 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling Kabinett
1973 Rauenthaler Steinmächer, Rielsing.
A quality wine (only), without an atrbute (like Late harvest, or so).
1975 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling Beerenauslese.
A high quality natural white wine, of a "Selection of a berries" level.
1975 Rauenthaler Baiken, Riesling Kabinett
1975 Rauenthaler Steinmächer, natural wine of a quality level "Kabinett".
This label is an exceptional one - after many years, we can see the grapes variety there is not specified here.
1976 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling Beerenauslese.
Very high quality white wine. It looks the vineyard "Sonnenberg" (a Sunhill) gives an excellent wines ...
1976 Eltviller Langenstück, Kabinett.
No wine variety specified again.
1976 Rauenthaler Baiken, Riesling Auslese
1977 Eltviller Langenstück, Riesling Kabinett
1977 Eltviller Sonnenberg, Riesling
1977 Kiedricher Sandgrub, Riesling - a quality wine
1977 Rauenthaler Steinmächer, Riesling - a quality wine.