Alois Lageder, Margreid, Magré, Italy - 28 labels

Beautifull labels :-) with a gold print and embossing. That is why, instead of a scans, sometimes you could see here a photoes of the labels. The structure of them, you could see better.
Even if the company A.Lageder is located in Italy, his grape sorts, texts and everything shows on his austrian origin, or an austrian roots.

1997 COR Römigberg, Cabernet Sauvignon DOC
1999 Merlot MCMXCIX DOC
2000 Cason Hirschprunn, Cuvée Merlot - Cabernet - Lagrein, IGT
2000 Löwengang, Chardonnay DOC
2000 Contest, Cuvée Pinot grigio - Chardonnay, IGT
2000 Corolle, Cuvée Merlot - Cabernet - Lagrein, IGT
2000 Löwengang, Südtiroler Cabernet, DOC
2000 Lindenburg, Lagrein DOC
2000 Cabernet - Riserva, DOC
2001 Krafuss DOC, Pinot Nero + Blauburgunder
2002 Benefizium Porer, Pinot grigio DOC
2002 Pinot grigio, DOC
2002 Chardonnay DOC
2002 Chardonnay Buchholz, DOC
2002 Etelle, IGT
2002 Moscato Rosa, DOC
2002 Merlot, DOC
2003 Chardonnay, DOC
2003 Lagrein Rosé, DOC
2003 Müller Thurgau, DOC
2003 Oberingram classico, DOC
2003 Pinot Bianco (Weissburgunder), DOC
2003 Pinot Grigio, DOC
2003 Riesling, DOC
2003 Römigberg Auslese, Classico Superiore, DOC
2003 Terlaner Sauvignon, DOC
2003 Moscato Giallo, Vogelmeier, DOC