Tsantalis Evangelis, Chalkidiki, Greece - 26 labels

I just love greek red wines :-)

1992 Nemea, red wine
1993 Naousa.
The red wine from greek variety Xynomavro, which aged at least for 12 months in an oak casks.
1993 Peza, from island Creta
1995 Cava, a numbered bottle of red wine from variety Cabernet sauvignon, which aged 3 years in an oak barrels.
1995 Nemea - picture of the bottle, very good wine :-)
1995 Rapsani, also very good red wine
1997 Naousa
1997 Nemea - I guess, one of the best year for wine in last 30-40 years...
... as you could see from the quantity of the bottle-seals, I´ve drunk quite many of 1997 Nemeas :-)
1997 Nemea bottle
1997 Nemea bottle the rear side
1997 Syrah
1998 Nemea
1998 Nemea - as you could see, I´ve drunk down more that a one bottle of that great red wine only :-)
A top and a cork of Nemea wines
Nemea´s bottle advertising "flag"
1998 Rapsani bottle
1998 Rapsani Reserva - another version
1999 Chalkidikis, a numbered bottle
1999 Chardonnay, a numbered bottle
1999 Moscatos aus Limnos
1999 Syrah from Thrakia
1999 Syrah, the bottle
1999 Syrah - the bottle zoom
2000 Rapsani Reserve, a numbered wine bottle
2000 Rapsani Reserve, a numbered wine
2001 Merlot from Chalkidiki region
2001 Merlot from Chalkidiki region, another version
2001 Naousa
2001 Sauvignon from Rhodos
2004 Moscato from Limnos
Retsina Asteri
Retsina Gerakina
Retsina (there are many different versions)