John Boutari & Son S.A., Thessaloniki, Greece - 29 labels

Quite famous wine producer and distributor. Almost all labels here come from wines, which have been drunk by me :-) I really love those strong greek red wines !

2001 Agiorgitiko Nemea (red wine).
Interesting data about that wine are shown on the rear label: the grapes come from a vineyeards in 420-490 meter above the sea level, there were 20-25 tons of grapes from 1 ha, about 2,6-3,0 kgs of grapes from one tree, harvested 20-25 September 2001 :-)
1995 Kava Boutari - more famous as "Cava", a delicious red wine.
2003 Dionysus in spring, variety Moschofilero. The white dry wine, coming from the Peloponnese, an altitude of 650m.
2003 Dionysus in winter, red variety Agiorgitiko
Nemea, delicious red wine, the word "Imiglykos" means "semi-sweet".
Wine exported to a german-speaking markets (ex. Germany, Austria, Switzerland).
Imiglykos, semi-sweet white wine.
This one was exported to the Czech rep.
1998 Kretikos - white wine (variety Vilana) from Crete
2000 Kretikos - red wine from island of Crete, made from two local vVarieties Kotsifali and Mandilaria.
2002 Kretikos - red wine from island of Crete, made from two local varieties Kotsifali and Mantilaria. 
This bottle was imported to the Czech rep.
2003 KRITIKOS - white dry wine from the island of Crete, made from a local variety Vilana.
2003 Kretikos, dry white wine.
This version of the previouse label is an export one (to the Czechia).
2000 Lac des Roches - white wine, variety Savatiano
2001 Lac des Roches - white wine, made from variety Savatiano
2004 Lac de Roches - white wine, made from local variety Savatiano.
1999 Melíritos, imiglykos - semi-sweet (or a medium sweet) white wine
2001 red wine, a coupagé of a local variety "Xinomavro" and "Merlot". The wine layed one year in a french oak barrel and than six months in a bottle. Greek region Imathia - a central Macedonia.
2005 Mosxopsilero
1996 Naoussa Grande Reserve - delicious red wine
1999 Naoussa Grand Reserve - red wine from variety Xinomavro, aged over 4 years in oak barrel and bottle. The rear label you could see on the next picture...
The rear label of the same wine, 1999 Naoussa Grand Reserve (see the previous label)..
2000 Naoussa - red wine
2002 Naoussa, red dry wine from variety Xinomavro. This bottle has been exported to the Czechia.
2004 Naoussa - red wine from a local variety Xinomavro
2000 Nemea - delicious red wine, made from a local variety Agiorgitiko. Aged one year in an oak barrel.
2003 Nemea - red wine, local greek variety Agiorgitiko, aged one year in an oak barrel...
Retsina, year about 1995-2000.
Famous, traditional white greek wine of a specific taste.
1999 Rosé, fresh wine made from red variety Xinomavro
Muscat of Samos - famous sweet white wine from island of Samos
1999 Santorini - dry white wine, a local variety Assyrtiko, of the volcanic island of Santorini.